aboutGPM.jpgGPM is a global movement of project management experts that help companies become more profitable, societies more robust while protecting our natural environment. Green and Sustainable project management is an approach that achieves better outcomes from projects for the organization and stakeholders while protecting our planet and all who inhabit it.


2016 Milestones

- GPM Launches the ONE Approach in support of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
- The P5 Standard reaches 20,000 downloads
- GPM Leadership attends 5th consecutive UN Sustainabiltiy Leadership Summit
- The P5 Standard Version1.5 is released.

2015 Milestones

- PSM3 Sustainability Assessment Model Launches
- GPM Leadership represents the project domain at COP21
- GPM signs the Anti-Corruption Call to Action
- GPM wins the Global Sustainability Leadership Award from the World CSR Congress

2014 Milestones

- The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management is Published.
- GPM Wins HRD Leadership and Development Award
- GPM Training Expands to 130 countries

2013 Milestones

- GPM Becomes signatory to UN Global Compact.
- The GPM Reference Guide to Sustainability in Project Management in Published.
- GPM-b and GPM-m Certifications are established.
- GPM wins IPMA Achievement Award.

2012 Milestones

- The first version of PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods is released.
- GPM University Partner Program is established.

2011 Milestones

- The first design of the P5 model was completed.
- GPM Training Partner Program launches.
- GPM Awards established with Project of the Year.
2010 Milestones

2010 Milestones

The GPMG Accreditation Board was established and the first Professional Certification for Sustainability and Project Professionals, the GPM® was launched.
2009 Milestones

GPM Consortium Established

The GPM Consortium was established to advance sustainability in Project Management.

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