GPM Global Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct

GPM Global suppliers and partners are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that this Code of Conduct is communicated throughout their organizations and to make this Code available to their employees and throughout their own supply chain.

Antitrust/Competition Law

It is GPM Global’s policy that all suppliers and partners comply fully with competition laws (known as antitrust laws in the U.S.) applicable to them. Competition laws ensure that companies compete to get business by offering lower prices, innovative products and better service and not by interfering with the market forces of supply and demand. GPM Global requires that all suppliers conduct their business in full compliance with all applicable laws intended to promote free and fair competition.

Confidential/Proprietary Information

Suppliers and partners must respect GPM Global’s intellectual property, trade secrets and other confidential, proprietary or sensitive information and may not use or disclose any such information except in accordance with their agreement with GPM Global.

Any information or data regarding GPM Global’s operations shall be treated by suppliers and partners as confidential at all times unless that information enters the public domain through no fault of the supplier or partner. The supplier or partner’s obligations with respect to GPM Global’s confidential or proprietary information include:

  • Not to disclose this information to other people within the supplier’s or partner’s organization except on a strict “need to know” or “need to use” basis.
  • Not to disclose this information to persons outside of the supplier or partner’s organization.

Ethical Dealings

Honesty and integrity is essential to sustainable business relationships. GPM Global seeks to provide all potential suppliers and partners with equal and fair consideration. Decisions on procurement are based on objective criteria such as price, quality, and service capability but also integrity.  We require all partners and suppliers to adhere to the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles. We have zero tolerance and prohibit bribery and or kickbacks.

Our partners and suppliers are required to demonstrate these same ethical standards and to conduct all business transactions with the highest integrity.

Anti-Bribery/U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Call to action on anti-corruption
GPM Global is a signatory # 107 to the UN Global Compact Anti-Corruption call to action and is committed to working against corruption in all its forms, including bribery and extortion.

GPM Global’s commitment to dealing legally and ethically with governments applies worldwide. Organizational policy, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UN Convention against Corruption and similar anti-bribery laws around the world prohibit us from giving or offering to give money or anything of value – whether cash or not, or whether directly or indirectly through others – to any government official (e.g., any employee of any government or of any government-owned or operated enterprise, entity or corporation) to induce that official to affect any governmental act or decision, or to assist the organization in obtaining or retaining business or securing any improper advantage.

GPM Global suppliers and partners may not act in any way, in their business relationship with GPM Global or otherwise, that violates the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or any other anti-bribery law around the world. GPM Global suppliers and partners must only use suppliers that do not violate ethical standards through bribes, kickbacks, or other similar improper or unlawful payments.

Compliance with all relevant laws, including relevant anti-corruption laws, is a legal obligation and not an option for suppliers and partners. Noncompliance with laws places an GPM Global at risk of reputational, administrative, civil and criminal consequences, including internal costs, investigations, prosecutions, fines, loss of contracts and possible blacklisting.

Health and Safety

Suppliers and partners who do business with GPM Global are encouraged to maintain a focus on health and safety that is consistent with ours and must provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees working at their sites.

International Trade Regulations

GPM Global suppliers and partners must adhere to all applicable trade and import regulations that apply to their activities, including those issued by the U.S. government and countries into which they will be importing goods or materials.

Labor Practices and Decent Work

GPM Global adamantly opposes the use of illegal and or forced child labor, involuntary servitude, the exploitation of children, and all other forms of abusive or exploitative labor practices. It is GPM Global’s policy not to work with any supplier or partner known to operate with unacceptable worker treatment such as physical punishment, female abuse, involuntary servitude, discrimination in any form or other form of abuse. GPM Global expects its suppliers and partners to take appropriate steps to ensure that their suppliers do not engage in any of these practices.

Environmental Protection and Climate Change Mitigation

GPM Global Suppliers and Partners shall comply strictly with the letter and spirit of environmental stewardship and all applicable laws, regulations and international goals in understanding importance of averting, minimizing and addressing loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change and the need to cooperate and enhance the understanding, action and support in different areas such as early warning systems, emergency preparedness and risk insurance.

Management Systems

To the extent permitted by law, GPM Global expects its suppliers and partners to have in place reasonable and appropriate systems through which allegations of wrongdoing may be investigated and remediated.

GPM Global expects that its suppliers and partners will fully investigate any and all allegations of wrongdoing with regards to these tenants within their own organizations. In addition, a supplier and or partner must immediately notify GPM Global in writing upon becoming aware of any negative or other adverse publicity concerning the supplier or any product being supplied to GPM Global by the supplier or partner, or any event or circumstance related to the supplier or partner that could be expected to cause negative or other adverse publicity concerning GPM Global.

It is the responsibility of each supplier and partner to ensure that its employees and representatives understand and comply with this Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct.

Failure to adhere to the Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct may be grounds for terminating the supplier or partner relationship depending on the seriousness of the violation and the particular circumstances.

If you have any questions about this Supplier Code of Conduct, please contact your direct liaison.



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