GPM® Certifications

According to research by Accenture and the UN Global Compact, out of 1,000 global CEOs, from 27 industries across 103 countries, 93% regard sustainability as key to success.

Earning the GPM™ Certification puts you in a special league, positioning you as a change agent with the know-how to apply sustainable methods to projects. Investing in the GPM certification provides many benefits including:

  • Set yourself apart from all other project managers in the market
  • Recognized with a GPM certification badge and listed on the international register of GPM certified PMs
  • You are certified in the fastest growing area of project management
  • Shows you understand the impacts your projects create on the environment, society and stakeholders
  • Increase your job mobility and choices even in the face of a tough job market.
  • Improve your earning potential with an internationally recognized certification in one of the fastest growing focus areas.
  • Open the door to more opportunities for career advancement.
  • Be recognized by your peers and gain a new profile and credibility as a valued member of the international project management community
  • Proof of your skills and knowledge at applying sustainable methods in projects and project management
  • Demonstrate to senior managers that you are aligned with the organisation’s mission and values

Who Can Certify?

who_can_certify.pngIf you are an individual who servies in the role of project manager or who's work is primarily project focused, leading and directing cross-functional teams, or diverse initiatives, then the GPM certification path is right for you.

What are the GPM Certifications?

What are GPM Certifications?

GPM Professional certifications are designations earned by an individual that demonstrates that they have been assessed for their level of skills, abilities, and knowledge in sustainability and project management.

GPM® Professional Certifications Path

Level 1 | The Green Project Manager™ Level B  TM (GPM-b®), Certification of Knowledge
Level 2 | The Green Project Manager™ (GPM ®) , Certification of Skills and Ability
Level 3 | The Green Project Manager™ (GPM-m), Certification of Mastery level Skills and Ability

Certification of Competency in Sustainability and Project Management designations are International professional certifications.

  • GPM has a Certification Body, whose responsibility is the development and oversight of the organization's professional certifications. The GPMG Accreditation board is independent of GPM, in order to eliminate conflicts of interest between the certifying body and GPM in accord with ISO 17024.
  • The GPM certification program has been developed in line with ISO 17024 requirements. ISO 17024 is the international standard for bodies certifying individuals. By aligning with this standard, GPM demonstrates its commitment to running a professional, equitable certification program.
  • The GPM certification program is available in every country.


I already am certified by another organization. Why get a GPM?

already_certified.pngGPM certifications are speclializations. 

Example.  Medical doctors are primarily specialized. In order to become a specialist, a solid medical foundation must be established before emparking on the area of focus. A general medical practitioner isn't qualified to perform open heart surgery. 

There are several well recognized pure project management certifications. GPM certifications add the layer of specialization in sustainability and establish a professional business focus based on what is driving business today.

What competence domains are individuals certified against?.

The following diagram includes the two primary existing taxonomies of cognition that is utilized to assess competence for GPM® Certifications. In the diagram below, the left, represents levels of knowledge and the right axis represents the types of knowledge/ability.

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