GPM-m™ Certification | Certified Green Project Manager Level m (Master)

GPM Level M med

The Certified Green Project Manager-m (GPM-m™) is our master’s level certification that embodies the commitment of a project management professional to act as an industry leader who sets the bar for change agents. Individuals who hold this certification have demonstrated their expertise in project delivery and application of sustainable principles.

A certified GPM-m™ has experience in managing large complex projects as they bring a unique perspective in understanding and communicating the cost to benefit real and intangible success criteria.

To be eligible for the GPM-m, candidates must meet the following criteria.

Requirement 1. Prior Certification

Candidates must hold the *GPM-b™ or GPM® Certification 

Requirement 2. Degree

Candidates must hold a four-year degree from an accredited University/College 

Requirement 3. Experience

  • For BA/BS Only: At least 16,000 hours over a minimum of 10 years of combined experience in a supervisory, management, consulting, and/or general project management role.
  • For BA/BS + Masters Degree: 15,000 hours experience over a minimum of 8 years  with a Masters in a field related to or supporting or incorporating project management processes
  • For BA +Masters + PhD: 10,000 hours experience over a minimum of 5 years  with a PhD in a field related to or supporting or incorporating the project management processes

Requirement 4. Case Studies

For candidates with BA/BS and or Masters Degrees: Four (4) COMPLEX (**CIFTER score >21) green/sustainability project work (The two prior projects submitted for GPM Certification can be applied).

For candidates with a Ph.D: Three (3) COMPLEX (CIFTER score >21) green/sustainability project work  (The two prior projects submitted for GPM Certification can be applied).

Requirement 5. Portfolio Submission

Candidates must submit their portfolio of experience (Evidence) required which includes project synopsis and resume /CV.

Requirement 6. Letters of Reference

A minimum of three (3) Letters of Validation of qualifications and experience including a recommendation by supervisor, manager, and/or other applicable.

Requirement 7. Professional Paper

Candidates must submit a 3000 (minimum) word, publish quality white paper on a GPM pre-approved subject approved for publication on the GPM website and publishable in another medium such as the PM World Journal.  

Requirement 8. Training / Education

Candidates must have a minimum of 160 (classroom/courses) hours (160 PDU’s or 16 CEU’s) of advanced training in subjects related to sustainability and/or Program/Project Management within the five years prior to application.


Once the application has been submitted and reviewed, the applicant will have a Peer Review by GPM-m certified assessors. The peer reviewers would review all project evidence submitted and ask any questions or request specific examples.  Reviewers would also randomly check the references.  If the evidence and peer review are passed, certification is granted and will be valid for 3 years at which time, incremental evidence must be submitted and reviewed (at no cost).

* To meet the prerequisite, the GPM-b and or GPM may be achieved together with the GPM-m process.
** CIFTER is a Project Complexity Rating developed by the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS)  Click here to learn more


The GPMG Accreditation Board, the governing board for the credential, adheres to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/IEC 17024:2003 standards for our certification process and is a member of the American National Standards Institute.  For more information, email us at certification(at)

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