What is the Call to Action?

Project Sustainability starts with a company’s value system and a principled approach to managing Portfolios, Programs, and Projects. 

The Call to Action is an appeal to organizations and individuals to extend sustainability beyond operations to projects. All companies are invited to add their names to participate. In signing the Call to Action, companies commit to advancing sustainable development through projects.

Why a Focus on Principles?

Principles release all stakeholders from the bureaucratic labyrinth. Indivduals not only have room to make sense of daily choices, but the responsibility to do so.

Context: Principles are Characterized as:

  • Universal
  • Apply to the area of focus
  • Self-validating
  • Proven in practice over many years
  • Empowering
  • Invoke confidence and ability to influence and shape how the initiative will be managed
  • Provide a framework of good practice for those involved
  • Managing by principles revives human responsibility
What Are the Principles?

In order to be sustainable, portfolios, programs, and projects should adhere to the following six principles:

1. Commitment & Accountability - Recognize the essential rights of all to healthy, clean and safe environments, equal opportunity, fair renumeration, ethical procurement, and adherence to rule of law

2. Ethics & Decision Making- Support organizational ethics, decision making with respect for universal principles through identification, mitigation, and the prevention of adverse short and long-term impacts on society and the environment

3. Integrated & Transparent - Foster the interdependence of economic development, social integrity, and environmental protection in all aspects of governance, practice and reporting

4. Principles & Values Based- Conserve and enhancing our natural resource base by improving the ways in which we develop and use technologies and resources

5. Social & Ecological Equity- Assess human vulnerability in ecologically sensitive areas and centres of population through demographic dynamics

6. Economic Prosperity- Adhere to fiscal strategies, objectives, and targets that balance the needs of stakeholders, including immediate needs and those of future generations

Why Sustainability Principles for Projects?
Projects are synonymous with change—sustainability requires persistence, ingenuity and the ability to inspire others. In the business world, sustainability starts with a shared value system and a principled approach to doing business. This means operating in ways that, at a minimum, meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

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Where Do the Principles Originate From?

The Six Principles for Sustainable Projects are derived from the UN Global Compact's Ten Principles, PRME, Earth Charter, and ISO:26000 Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Why Should You and Your Company Sign the Call to Action?

  • Demonstrate leadership on the adoption and implementation of sustainable principles for projects
  • Extend sustainable practices beyond supply chains and business operations to projects
  • Meet the needs of the changing business landscape in advancing the sustainable development goals
  • Signal to your clients, employees, stakeholders and suppliers that you take the sustainable Project Principles seriously by publically demonstrating your commitment

What does the Call to Action Ask You to Do?

  1. Fully adopt and implement the tenets of Sustainable Project Principles strengthening governance policies and procedures to create a paradigm shift in the strategic alignment of projects and organizational strategy
  2. Make a commitment to place importance on social, environmental, and economic risks and opportunities in project activities throughout the extended project lifecycle in support of sustainable development
    Princples Form PDF

How Can My Company Sign the Call to Action?

  1. Fill out the Principles Call to Action, place the thumbnail on your website and Upload the signed Call to Action Document. Have letter signed by a C-suitelevel Executive or Project Board Member or Sponsor responsible for projects in your organization.

What Happens After Signing the Call to Action?

  1. The Call to Action will be shared with UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon as part of our UN Global Compact 2016 Communication on Engagement Report
  2. The Call to Action and its participants will be presented at events worldwide to grow participation and showcase leaders who have taken the steps to advance sustainable project management as a foundation of sustainable development. This includes:

    • United Nations Global Compact Annual Leadership Summit
    • COP+22
    • International Project Management Congresses and Symposiums

How Can my Company Share its Participation and Encourage Others to Get Involved?

Everyone has the responsibility to act sustainability. Signing this Call to Action, you will demonstrate leadership, a value based project focus, and set the example for other companies to follow. Here are some ways your company’s commitment will be featured:

  • Your company will be publicly listed as a signatory on the Call to Action document that will be shared with the UN and government officials worldwide
  • Your company will be featured on a list of signatories on this website.
  • Your company is encouraged to promote its involvement on your own website and social media accounts by using the hashtag #PM4Prosperity and the thumbnail below





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