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Canadian Passenger Automobile & Light Truck Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations System


Case Study
Cultivating organizational practices and procedures to support the delivery of sustainable energy in the USA


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Sustainable Lending Platforms - USA


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In support of sustainable affordable housing in Australia


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Q. Are you concerned that the next Uber or AirBnB will come along and disrupt your business?

Q. Are you facing increasing customer demands for sustainable products or services, but struggle with equating sustainability with value?

Q. Does your organization fully understand the impacts of climate change and how this will impact access to water and raw materials, drive up business costs and change consumer behavior?

Q. Are you challenged to align to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals or to leverage sustainable practices to promote productivity and growth?



Utilizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), we have architected a transformative solution that follows a five step model that delivers sustainable competitive advantage over the long-term by improving culture, practice, product and service delivery while improving your organization’s capability to innovate.

The GPM ONE Approach examines critical elements of your organization and produces a list of actions to strengthen reslilience and transparency in your supply chain, communications with stakeholders, portfolios, programs, and projects.

We give you the comfort of knowing you are doing all that is possible to innovate and protect your organization from the next industry disruptor.

Aligning to the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG-List-web.jpgThe GPM ONE Approach takes the 17 SDGs and unpacks them in the context of your business to help you see what is important to the business-long term. This helps your executive team to find the organizational blind spots that threaten the very existence of your business and then to prioritize the actions required to address them.

You do not need to focus on all 17 SDGs, but rather focus on the specific SDGs that are relevant to your business. The SDGs serve as platform for tailoring a company’s current focus issues that lead to long-term sustainable competitive advantage, for both the business and society. The key is understanding how core functions support the SDGs and benefit from their linkage.

Looking towards 2030, it will be the executives of today who will have their achievements benchmarked against the SDGs.  The acceptance, adoption and integration of these SDGs into the organizations functions is the challenge that must be surmounted.  

The Four Lenses of Focus


Rather than an effort to impose top-down compliance with sustainability goals and standards, the GPM ONE approach focuses on four unique lenses with the aim of synchronizing the sustainability priorities and goals of the organization while empowering a sustainable aware culture of collaboration and innovation.


Culture –  Management guru Peter Drucker is famously quoted as saying Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The strongest and best laid plans are no match for a culture that is unable to embrace and deliver change. Organizational culture can be both a proponent for, as well as a barrier against, value creation.  The GPM ONE approach supports positive culture and cultivates buy-in for sustainable practices across the organization to ensure that every is aligned to your vision.

Executive Strategy – Sustainability and the component environmental, social and economic factors shape the context in which an organization operates. Climate, access to water or raw materials, Labour laws and access to the best ‘talent’ all impact the bottom line. In order for the organization to reach maximum potential, sustainability must be woven into the core business strategy to support purpose, positioning and goals that establish competitive advantage for its brand, products and services. The GPM ONE approach engages the organizations’ strategic levels to support long term strategy development and execution.

Portfolios, Programs, and Projects – Innovation comes from change. Change delivery is an often neglected area of sustainable practice and GPM has been the world leader in green and sustainable project management authoring award winning methods and tools since 2009.  Organizations that seek to be resilient and sustainable must consider not just what they produce but how they go about it.  The GPM ONE approach infuses Portfolio, Program and Project management with sustainable practices to impart a true cradle to cradle ethos and competence.

Operations -  Functional areas are the engine that keep organizations in motion and on track.  Operations is an often focused area of sustainable practice.  The GPM ONE approach looks at organizational capacity and capability for change and uses a blended approach to enhance practices that are in place while imparting best practice to support Centres of Excellence.

The Five Step Process

five stepsFive step decision making processes have been utilized extensively by leading organizations as the most common way to solve complex situations by using an easy to understand approach. The GPM ONE approach has been simplified to a five step process so that each function of the organization can be empowered to make decisions appropriate to their function.

1. Commit – The commitment to lead by principles and excel in environmental stewardship, safety, health, and social responsibility. Protecting the environment and the safety and health of employees and the public in order to provide quality products and services that consistently meet customers’ expectations; to be responsible stewards with respect to the safety and environmental impact of our projects, operations and products; in order to build the resiliency to provide piece of mind to our stakeholders.

Commitment with the GPM ONE approach is to outline the approach in for the following steps and tailor the model to the organization.

Benefits –
Establishes a firm goal for organizational excellence creativity and innovation to solving sustainable development challenges and protecting reputational risk.

2. Define- Leverages the (Portfolio, Program, Project Sustainability model (PSM3™) to build awareness and understanding on how sustainability affects your business from a brand protection, risk and opportunity context. Provides a clear roadmap to bootstrap your organization, if no strategy exists, or how to strengthen your existing sustainability practices towards growth, value creation, and support of the SDGs.

Benefits – Executive level awareness, understanding and focus development. Tailored go-forward strategy/ Organizational system alignment/ Brand protection/ Risk mitigation/ Market differentiation.

3. Implement
– Supports the organizations’ most valuable asset, staff.  As part of the go forward strategy, customized training will be delivered using the Award winning P5 Model and PRiSM Methodology to ensure that the strategy can be carried out and benefits are maximized. Staff are also prepared for the GPM-b or GPM, the first and most recognized international sustainability certification for individuals involved in change.

Benefits – Skills and ability development and certification / Workforce strengthening.

4. Measure - Establishes a self-governing practice by which the organization can regularly evaluate the procedures, methods, approaches and systems from a qualitative and quantitative perspective to ensure continuous improvement.

Benefits – Sustainability Materiality and Continuous improvement.

5. Share – Provides a custom report for the organization that can be utilized for internal purposes, reporting to the UN Global Compact, or Global Reporting Initiative.

Benefits – Compliance, Stakeholder Engagement, Transparency.


Every organization's path on the sustainability journey is as unique as the services they offer. Whether sustainabiltiy is a requirement to avert a crisis or is the principles upon which the organization was founded, the tailored options that the ONE Approach provides will bring value to your organization.

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