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Consumers, investors, shareholders and even competitors are basing their decisions on what to buy or invest in, from whom, and also  on what companies report. Sustainable Project Management is a critical component and at the root of all is P5™.

Establishing global metrics for sustainability is no easy task as each business is unique and what may be an apple to one company could be an orange to another. The GRI G4 guidelines require that businesses disclose what is relevant to their business (G4 sustainability reporting, 2013).

A challenge to true cradle-to-cradle reporting is what companies are omitting from their reports. There is an adage, “you cannot report what you cannot measure." P5 provides a measurable framework for portfolios, programs, and projects, which whould be material to sustainability reporting.

SDG Round IMgP5 and the Sustainable development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) embrace a universal approach to the sustainable development agenda. They explicitly call on business to use creativityand innovation to address development challenges. 

P5 is the bridge between projects and sustainabiltiy, it enables projects to understand their impact and make positive contributions to the UN SDGs. Business and

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government leaders can sign on to treaties with for international principles, but without guidance on how to put them into practice, and tools to do the work, nothing significant can be accomplished. We help organizations align strategy with sustainabiltiy performance through, principle-based approaches to project management. This is also true of our work on the SDGs. Download the P5 Linking document for the Sustainable Development Goals


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