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GPM Latin America appoints Luis Oviedo Tejada as Deputy Director for GPM in Peru.

November 29th, 2016 Detroit/USA, Buenos Aires/Argentina, Lima/Peru | Luis Oviedo Tejada has been appointed as Deputy Director for GPM in Peru.

EngLuis.pngineer Geologist, PMP, GPM-b with extensive professional experience. He is General Manager at GEOSYS SRL, General Manager at REMASA & GEOSYS Consortium and General Manager at GEOSYS & Arias Consortium.

He has a Magister in University Teaching and Research and a Diploma of Second Specialty in Management and Didactics of Distance Education Programs. Among other positions, he has been a professor at the UPC (University of Applied Sciences) - EPE (Division of Professional Studies for Executives - Blended Learning Mode), Project Management and Engineering.

Professor at other Universities: De Lima, Ricardo Palma and UNI.

Luis Oviedo Tejada, stated: “La responsabilidad social, la sostenibilidad y el cuidado del ambiente es una necesidad que requieren nuestros países para su armonioso crecimiento. Por ello, Green Project Management (GPM) mundialmente ha asumido el rol muy importante de aunarse a dichos esfuerzos y GEOSYS está comprometido con el mismo fin.  Las responsabilidades que hoy nos otorga como GPM Oficina Local en Perú  y a mi persona como Deputy Director nos compromete más aún.  Nuestro agradecimiento y la seguridad que cumpliremos ampliamente con las nuevas asignaciones otorgadas”

In English: “Social responsibility, sustainability and care of the environment is a necessity that our countries require for their harmonious growth. Therefore, Green Project Management (GPM) worldwide has assumed the very important role of joining these efforts and GEOSYS is committed to the same end. The responsibilities that today give us as GPM Local Office and my person as Deputy Director in Peru commit us even more. Our gratitude and assurance that we will comply with the new allocations”

Mónica González, Vice President & Exec. Director GPM Latam, stated: “This nomination has a special meaning for this country that has just concluded the 2016 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Lima on Sunday by adopting a Declaration on advancing quality growth and human development, that includes as complementary priorities: real and functional connectivity in the region, food security, climate change and access to water. (APEC PERU 2016).


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