Detroit, USA | December 5th 2016 -  GPM, the world's largest sustainability professional development organization announced the recipients of its 2016 sustainability awards.

Since 2011, GPM has honored projects and individuals who advance sustainable development through project management. GPM President Joel Carboni stated "We are thrilled at the number of submissions we had this year and our awards committee quite a task to select the winners.  Our awards program is about advancing sustainable development through projects and this years recipients are excellent examples." 

Project of the Year

“Creation of the Green Infrastructure and Sustainable University Environment” - Financial University Under the Government of the Russian Federation (F.K.A. Russian Institute of Economics)

2016 award photo.png

Project Description: 

The project of creation of the green infrastructure and sustainable environment of the University, including three main directions:

  1. Creation of the convenient SWC points infrastructure at the University for students and staff where all solid waste and galvanic cells can be collected from everybody. 
  2. Optimization and unification process of the university eco-turnover. 
  3. Popularization among students and professors of such topics as: sustainable development, green project management, ecological problems and environmental overview both inside and outside the University. 


  • Installed 6 stylish and attracting attention containers in educational buildings and 3 containers in dormitories, one for the housing. 
  • Handed over for processing more than 6.000 batteries and accumulators (20 kg), and also more than 100 mercury lamps. 
  • More than 120 events on topic were organized all over the Russia. 
  • More than 5.000 kg of trash were collected according to the new optimized process, which reduced total costs pdf downloadon 10%. 
  • More than 5.000 persons were involved in process in different roles. 
  • Significant response through media, popularization of key ideas, aspects and principles have been achieved.
  • The project on forming of SWC points infrastructure was successfully launched and completed. Since it has been handed over to regular management, it is being operating currently as a process. Planned indicators on economy estimates as 250.000 rubles per year. 

Sustainability Award 

Aaron Troy CassarTroy Cassar.jpg

Troy works to support the deployment of sustainable development and land banking opportunities in developing economies. He has a focus on eliminating profiteering and corruption through use of blockchain based technology. 

He is being awarded for his work with LAND ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (LEMCO) in driving sustainable project management standards in emerging economies, primarily the Solomon Islands.

Fundamentals Award 

Victor Benoit, Juliette Brunet, Jean Michel Chauvet, Alice Chen and Martin Trou, graduate students at The Skema Business School in Lille France have been awarded our Fundamentals award for their team project submission as top for 2016 among all GPM PRiSM Courses.

Partner Award 

UCI logo

The UCI GSCM (Global School of Project Management), has been a GPM Partner University since 2013. They awarded for demonstrating excellence of training delivery,advancing sustainable development in Latin America, and setting the example as a UN PRME Signatory.

Special Commendations

This year, we have received a diverse range of projects for the awards program which have highlighted the flexibility of PRiSM as a management methodology. The submissions have also highlighted the link between PRiSM and the emerging trends associated with climate change and the increasing importance of sustainability globally.

In response to the submissions received the GPM Awards board has decided to award additional recognition for a submission, that demonstrated adherance to our P5 Standard and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

GPM therefore acknowledges and congratulates the following commendations within the awards program:

"Taking Positive Action" - Establishment of gender equality in national governance. - Lavukal Trust Board, Solomon Islands 




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