The GPMG Accreditation Board

The GPMG Accreditation Board is a not for profit entity that operates independently of GPM Global and is responsible for setting, maintaining, and managing the standards for GPM® credentials and adheres to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/IEC 17024:2003 standards for our certification process. GPM Global is a member of the American National Standards Institute.

ISO sets an internationally recognized benchmark to assure that the certification organization meets the set standards. It assures that the certifying organization operates in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner. It provides an independent, “third party” review process for the program that leads to an internationally recognized accreditation.

Basic ANSI/ISO guidelines:ansi logo-l

Certification Body: The certification body shall define policies and procedures for granting, maintaining, renewing, expanding and reducing the scope of the desired certification and suspending or withdrawing the certification.

Certification Structure: The certification body shall be structured so as to give confidence to interested parties in its competence, impartiality and integrity. In particular, the certification body:

a. shall be independent and impartial in relation to its applicants, candidates and certified persons, including their employers and their customers and shall take all possible steps to assure ethical operations;

b. shall be responsible for its decisions relating to the granting, maintaining, renewing, expanding and reducing the scope or suspending and withdrawing the certification;

c. shall identify the management group or person which shall have overall responsibility for:

1. evaluation, certification, oversight

2. formulation of policies relating to the operations
3. decisions on certification
4. implementation of its policies and procedures
5. finances of the body
6. delegation of authority to any committees or individuals
d. shall have documents establishing it as a legal entity or part of a legal entity;
e. shall have a documented structure that safeguards impartiality.

  • Certification Management: Shall be committed to continuous quality improvement.

  • Needs to go forward: All processes, policies and procedures at the international and local levels would need to be evaluated and very detailed documents completed.

  • Ethics: All GPMG accredited individuals must adhere to the GPM Global Code of Ethics or risk permanent suspension of certification with zero percent 0% refund for all assessment and or exam fees.

  • Appeals: All appeals for certification assessments or reinstatements should be directed to the GPMG board chair.

For Inquiries, please contact our certification board at [email protected]


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