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Our Approaches to Sustainable Change Delivery


PRiSM™ (PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods) is the sustainability based project delivery method that incorporates tangible tools and techniques to manage the balance between finite resources, social responsibility, and delivering sustainable project outcomes. It was developed for organizations to integrate project processes with sustainability initiatives to achieve business objectives while decreasing negative socio-environmental impact.

PRiSM is a structured project management methodology that highlights areas of sustainability and integrates them into the traditional core project phases which, when understood and effectively addressed, can reduce negative environmental impacts in all types of projects while maximizing opportunities to manage sustainability and finite resources. PRiSM is cut from the same cloth as the globally accepted standards for professional project management. These standards are the “books of knowledge” as they are known to project managers. PRiSM establishes a framework of considerations derived from ISO 21500, ISO 14000 series, ISO 26000, ISO 50001 and ISO 9001, focuses on specific areas and incorporates best practices to practically answer the question: "How do I apply sustainability to my projects?”


GPM training courses focus on demonstrating competence and on concepts mastered. This innovation is gained through leveraging our unique EnVex approach; an instructional design tool which incorporates classical instruction on core project management methodologies and principles and builds on them with an iterative hands-on approach to learning. In our courses, participants are challenged in a case study driven environment to apply new techniques to real-life situations which foster collaborative learning. Mentorship is the key to building minds and sharpening the tools to create the edge necessary to be a leader from the outset of the life-cycle for the end result of any project and the leadership necessary to forge an agent of innovation and a manager of a sustainable project.

GPM Training is available only through accredited GPM training providers and is not offered direct. Training providers license our course material and adhere to standards of delivery to ensure that quality of delivery is of the highest importance.


The GPMG Accreditation board is a semi-autonomous organization that serves as the accrediting body for the GPM-b™, GPM®, and GPM-m™ Certifications. The board oversees the standards and an assessment team comprised of independent auditors who have a minimum of 20 years experience in project and program management. Our board operates as an independent entity separate from training and adheres to ISO/IEC 17024 with the intent to provide a framework for certification of individuals that follows the standard against which a Third Party can facilitate the certification of persons. Our certification holders can maintain the confidence that the GPM credentials they hold are of the highest quality and are ranked among the top in the industry.

Our certifications are distinctions that represents a specialized focus and a desire to incorporate the social responsibility component of project management that is embodied by effective management of sustainable methods to ensure that negative social, economical, and environmental impacts are decreased without sacrificing business objectives.

Facts about us:

We are the only international project management professional development organization with a sole focus on sustainability. SP13RTC001

  • Our PRiSM Practitioner course is the first IPMA Registered course to come from the Americas.
  • We are a member of ANSI and our certification process aligns with ISO 17024
  • Our consortium is comprised of over 5,000 project and program managers.
  • Our courses are available in over 140 countries giving us the second largest reach of any project management certifying organization
  • We are competence enablers of the asapm (IPMA-USA).
  •  We are a member and contributor to the United Nations Global Compact and supporters of the PRinciples for Responsible Management Education program or PRME.

Our Construct, a Social Enterprise

GPM is a Social Enterprise established to address issues and profits realized are reinvested in the business with the aim of increasing social impact. Unlike a SEUK socialenterprise badge 350x161Non-Profit, the 
business is not dependent on donations or on private or public grants to survive and to operate, because, as any other business, it is self-sustainable and unlike a Non-Profit, where funds are spent only once on the field, our funds are invested to increase and improve the business' operations and the tools we offer to our partners. Our construct is unique among project management organizations in that we are able to function as a company and put into practice what we encourage others to do. (The GPMG Accreditation Board, is a separate not-for-profit organization that governs all GPM certifications.)  

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