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How sustainable are your projects?  
If you use P5™ you will know!


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PSM3Every CEO wishes corporate sustainability came neatly wrapped with a bow.

With PSM3, it can ;)



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Competence-based sustainability certification

Who do you trust to deliver change in your organization?


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Assessing Sustainability

Would you bet your retirement on your organization's ability to deliver on strategic objectives?

Building a culture of sustainable practice is the key to business success, mitigating risk, and market differentiation.


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GPM® Certifications

GPM® certifications are the only competency based international sustainability credentials.

They provide the roadmap for professionals to learn, apply, and validate mastery of sustainable change delivery.


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PRiSM™ Methodology

Do you approach to change using a total systems lifecycle approach?

PRiSM or PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods was designed to deliver change from a cradle to cradle perspective to ensure benefits realization from a fiscal, environmental, and social perspective.

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Training Courses

Offered in over 145 countries and six languages, GPM® training courses are competency-based using a blended learning approach.

When it comes to managing strategic initiatives, employers want individuals who not only know what to do, but have the skills to do so. 


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The GPM Sustainability Centre of Excellence

Investors, shareholders, consumers, and employees are increasingly putting pressure on corporations for products and services that are less damaging to the natural environment and society.

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 As a result, companies across the globe are now faced with the challenge of changing their operational practices to become more sustainable. The better an organization is at delivering on strategic initiatives, the more sustainable they are and the stronger their position will be in the market.  The GPM Centre of Excellence is a distinction for organizations who have demonstrated commitment to sustainable change delivery. 


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Capability and Capacity to Support you on Six Continents!

Since we launched our partner program in 2011, our services have spread to 145 countries.

GPM training and assessment partners span the globe offering world class services.  From New York to London, Dubai to Beijing, we have you covered!


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GPM Regional Offices

GPM regional offices are an integral part of commitment to think global- act local and support the over 128 countries that our programs are active in. As organizations and practices differ widely between countries and reflect the norms of society in which they operate.  Our regional hubs have been designed to:

  • Support partner organizations local to the region
  • Strengthen the GPM network and provide all those with an interest in the professional development efforts of project professionals
  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge and practice among partners
  • Facilitate regional collaborative activities
  • Serve as a conduit for information on relevant information and opportunities
  • Enable regional engagement in national discussions & initiatives
  • Support the GPM Sustainability Award
  • Support GPM Certification Activities and Centre of Excellence Model

Each office is administered by a dedicated Hub director, local GPM staff and supported by our consortium of subject matter experts in various disciplines.

GPM Headquarters
Office: 1501 S. Clinton St Fort Wayne, IN 46802 USA
phoneicon1 Phone: +1800 580 3719

AP/AR [email protected]
GPMG Accreditation Board [email protected]
Centre of Excellence [email protected]
Training Partners [email protected]
Awards [email protected]

GPM Asia Pacific
Office: 49 Melody Street Jamboree Heights QLD 4074 Australia
phoneicon1 Phone:
Alan Tupicoff, Executive Director | [email protected]
JeffDutton, ViceDirector | [email protected]

GPM China
Beijing Office: 4th Floor, Bldg C, No.1110, Shengshilongyuan, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, P.R.China.
phoneicon1 Phone: +86 10 5761 244

Jesus Hernandez, Executive Director | [email protected]
Vivian Wu, Vice Director | [email protected]

Shanghai Office: Room 1902, No. 488, Wuning South Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, P.R.China
phoneicon1 Phone: +86 21 5118 2481

Ashley Ma, Vice Director | [email protected]

Office: Regent Close, Kings Langley, Herts England WD4 8TP
phoneicon1 Phone: 44 7533 240 675

Antony della Porta, Executive Director | [email protected]

GPM Latin America
Mendoza Office: Espana 2469 T2 P4 D2 Ciudad, postal code: 5500
phoneicon1 Phone: +54 0261 4250378

Monica Gonzalez, Executive Director | [email protected]
Artur Lovro, Deputy Director | [email protected] (Brazil)


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How to contact us

GPM Headquarters
phoneicon1 +1 800 580 3719
faxicon +1 866 537 1525
Ofc. Hours: M-F 8AM - 5PM (GMT-4)

Regional Offices
GPM AsiaPac
GPM China
GPM Latin America

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